Joseph Ejiro is a highly acclaimed luxury womenswear and menswear fashion house renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. With a passion for design that began at the tender age of 15, Joseph Ejiro has honed his skills over the years, creating avant-garde pieces that push the boundaries of fashion. From the outset, Joseph Ejiro has displayed a remarkable talent for infusing local and international fabrics with his unique vision. His designs showcase a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary elements, with meticulous hand-stitched embroidery, embellishments, and innovative use of textures. Each creation exudes a sense of artistry and individuality, reflecting Joseph's dedication to craftsmanship and originality. In 2009, while still a second-year student of physiology/pharmacology at the University of Jos, Joseph Ejiro unveiled his debut collection of 10 pieces at the esteemed Plateau Fashion Week. The showcase marked the beginning of his journey as a professional designer, captivating audiences with his creative prowess. Building on his early success, Joseph Ejiro presented a more expansive collection at the second edition of Plateau Fashion Week in 2010. His exceptional talent caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to an invitation to participate in the prestigious "La Beau Africana" fashion show organized by the French embassy. The recognition continued to grow, and in 2011, Joseph Ejiro was selected as one of the few designers to showcase at the esteemed "Night of Elegant Fashion" in Lagos. In 2013, Joseph Ejiro decided to take a hiatus from his eponymous brand to explore new creative avenues. During this period, he collaborated with renowned brands such as Ella Matthew Lagos, Sylvia Jones Abuja, and Magnolia By Liz Canada. Additionally, Joseph lent his expertise to prominent fashion publications, including Vogue Mania, Runway Times, and Tblug, while also co-producing and writing for "Style Files" on GH1 Accra, Ghana. Having gained invaluable experience working with diverse Nigerian and international brands, Joseph Ejiro made the decision to refocus his energy on his own brand. With a renewed sense of purpose, he returned to his label, driven by a desire to bring his unique visions to life. Joseph Ejiro's exceptional talent and artistry have garnered international recognition, gracing the pages of esteemed editorials worldwide. His collections have been featured in prominent publications such as OTP Magazine, Genex Magazine, Panache Magazine, Belle Monde (PARIS), Vogue Mania, Runway Times, Vogue Italia, Edith magazine, Vanity Teen, and many more. His designs have also taken center stage at renowned runway shows, including the Music and Fashion Runway Show, Reves and Runway Show, Eko Fashion Show, and others. At the core of the Joseph Ejiro brand lies an unwavering commitment to sophistication and luxury, catering to the discerning tastes of its high-end clientele. Proudly bearing the "Made in Nigeria" stamp, the brand cherishes the rare and refined level of skill that is intrinsic to its creations. From meticulously crafted ready-to-wear pieces to bespoke couture creations, every garment is infused with the passion, creativity, and expertise that define the Joseph Ejiro brand. With an illustrious career spanning years of artistic exploration and accomplishment, Joseph Ejiro continues to push the boundaries of fashion, creating exquisite designs that captivate and inspire.
The Joseph Ejiro brand thrives on sophistication, sustainability and luxury to meet the needs of its high end customers and clientele. The brand takes pride in its Made in Nigeria stamp and cherishes the rare and refined level of skills that we poses: from ready-to-wear pieces to couture creations, everything starts here.

Joseph Ejiro